So… FINALLY, welcome to Massikka2010! In this blog you will find some new stuff (/old) I have done. I’ll try to keep it as fresh as I can and not as my old website where I posted new images once a year. My old website was too slow and annoying to update, so I wanted an easier and faster way to post my new stuff. Friend of mine suggested me to use a blog application… So a very big thanks goes to Mr. Lasse toimela who helped me to get this wordpress based blog monster up and running! Thanks Lasse, I owe you big time…

The main or the index page of is my portfolio page. I won’t make updates to it, so It will look the same for a long time. All new updates will happen here at my BLOG! If you want to follow the stuff I make, bookmark my blog. Thanks.

I hope you all have fun at my site!

For questions, please contact me at

-Matti Sinkkonen

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